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"Today at lunch, I found myself telling yet another person how impressed I was with the amount of time and effort you spent with your clients prior to preparing the offer."

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The marketplace offers both resale homes and new homes. However, since this document deals with resale homes, we will concentrate on them. (If you're interested in a new home, talk with your Judy.)

Resale homes may be protected by a warranty offered by the vendor.

Resale homes are more likely to be in established neighborhoods, close to amenities and have mature trees and gardens as well as schools. (New subdivisions can go years without schools requiring you to bus your children to other areas of Burlington - this is a big consideration for many families)

Remember, however, a resale home has been lived in. It has been exposed to the elements for a number of years. The house may have experienced some degree of shrinkage and settling.
Judy will use a combination of the following marketing strategies to sell your home. Judy's objective is to show your home to as many qualified potential purchasers as possible resulting in obtaining the fair market value for your home (highest price possible) in the shortest amount of time possible.

Advertising: Your realtor may place an add in the Burlington Post and/or in local papers and magazines (The Real Estate Book). Lawn signs, direct mail and direct marketing techniques are all used to direct potential purchasers to your home.

MLS (Multiple Listing Service): This is a network that is only available to realtors. The details of your property are available for other realtors to match your property with a potential buyer. This has proven to be one of the most successful ways to promote homes.